A new event from Green Markets and Acuity Commodities

a NEW event from Green Markets and Acuity Commodities:

Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Summit 2017

May 8, 2017, the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta

12 expert sessions on sulphur and sulphuric acid…

in 1 convenient day of learning and networking!

This unique event gives stakeholders across the sulphur and sulphuric acid complex a detailed view of:

  • supply and demand balance
  • prevailing pricing and trends
  • drivers of critical markets
  • operating considerations
  • future business outlook

Join Green Markets, Acuity Commodities and experts from across the industry to gain actionable insight on trends driving the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets, including:

  1. A Manufacturing and Economic Outlook: Perspective From a Leading Economist
  2. Nat Gas and Crude: an Outlook for Drivers of Sulphur Supply
  3. Global Sulphur Market Overview and Outlook
  4. Phosphate Production Outlook
  5. The Expanded Agricultural Use of Sulphur
  6. The Bunker Fuel Mandate: Who’s Driving the Boat?
  7. Sulphuric Acid: A Global Outlook and North American Focus
  8. The Impact of Falling Pulp and Paper Production
  9. Metals and Mining: An Expert View, Latest Projections
  10. Ethanol: Scenarios for Mandate Driven Demand for Sulphuric Acid
  11. What’s Powering the Alkylation Market?
  12. New Sulphuric Acid Demand in Specialty Agricultural Use
  13. Direct Application of Sulphuric Acid: An Outlook for Volumes

View the full conference agenda, or register at www.FertilizerPricing.com/SulphurSummit

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