Acuity joins sulphur industry to raise money for multiple sclerosis

In October, Acuity Commodities’ Fiona Boyd will participate in Bike MS: Bay to Bay 2018, joining other sulphur industry colleagues to raise money for multiple sclerosis (MS). We will ride along California’s beautiful Pacific south coast over the span of two days covering 100-150 miles.

Any donation to support our team – We’re Still Kicking – is appreciated as we work to raise money to make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.What will really put power in our pedals is your support and commitment to those impacted by MS. Every mile we ride brings us closer to our goal — a world free of MS.

On a personal note, Fiona is on track to lose 120 pounds by the end of 3Q. With a little over 30 pounds left to lose, Fiona is excited to train for this event and the boost it will give her towards reaching her goal.

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