Acuity offers price assessment reports and consulting services on the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.Our reports are suitable for decision makers, market analysts and the periodic user.

Briefing: Sulphur covers the global sulphur market, published every Wednesday.

Briefing: Sulphuric Acid provides global coverage of the sulphuric acid market, published every Friday.

Regional Briefing: US & Canada focuses on the domestic North American sulphur and acid markets, published every other Monday.

Why Choose Acuity?


Acuity directors Fiona and Freda have years of experience in analysing the sulphur and acid markets, bringing our clients high quality, reliable short- to medium-term analysis.


Our reports provide spot and contract price assessments and freight indications for major trade regions, and exchange rates for key trading currencies. All assessments adhere to strict methodologies and compliance regulations.


Flat rate for multi-user subscription.


We are proud to be an independent company, offering unbiased views on the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.

Fiona Boyd and Freda Gordon created Acuity Commodities in 2016.

Our goal has been unchanged since the beginning - to provide superior market coverage on the global sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.

In 2018, we shared our market insights at these conferences:
• IFA Production and International Trade Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina
• China Sulphuric Acid Industry Association event (硫及化肥市场研讨会) in Beijing, China
• European Sulphuric Acid Association meeting in Tallinn, Estonia
• IMFORMED Fluorine Forum in Madrid, Spain.

In 2019, you will catch us speaking in London, Namibia and Prague.


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