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Sulphur and sulphuric acid are related to many other commodities, including fertilizers, base metals and industrial chemicals or applications, yet their combined seaborne trade amounts to under 60 million tonnes per year. Acuity reports indicate actual business, firm bids, firm offers and notional price changes across the world.


Acuity's widely referenced price assessments are developed from continuous market research encompassing inputs of trade data and with access to a complete network of contacts. To further increase transparency in the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets, the methodologies under which Acuity works are available here for reference.


Acuity's Compliance Manual is reviewed annually at a minimum. The latest version is available here for reference.


External auditor BDO reviewed Acuity’s adherence to its stated methodology criteria and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Principles for Oil PRAs across its relevant price assessments. The review confirms that management policies, process and control activities put in place to adhere to the IOSCO principles, as of May 31, 2023, are in operation.

The price assessments that received the Type 1 IOSCO accreditation were:

  • Briefing: Sulphur – China granular spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphur – China river spot CNY/t EXW

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Middle East spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Mediterranean granular and crushed lump spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Richards Bay spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Baltic spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Brazil spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphur – US Gulf Coast spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Vancouver spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Qatar monthly contract FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphur – Tampa quarterly contract $/lt DEL

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – Japan/South Korea spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – China spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – Northwest Europe spot FOB

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – India east coast spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – Brazil spot CFR

  • Briefing: Sulphuric Acid – Chile spot CFR

A copy of the independent assurance report is available upon request.

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