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Industrial Chemicals:
US & Canada

This monthly publication provides high level market information
on a variety of raw materials consumed for downstream industrial applications, giving market participants greater insight

Delivered via email, this report features price assessments, trades and freight assessments. The user friendly Acuity Portal gives subscribers historical prices, reports and more. All this comes in an easy flat rate subscription covering multiple users.

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About the report

Price Assessments

  • NEW Chlorine - $/st DEL US Gulf Coast quarterly

  • NEW Hydrochloric acid - $/st DEL qurterly by region

    • US Gulf Coast 

    • Western US and Canada

    • US Midcontinent

  • Caustic soda - $/st (dry) FOB US Gulf Coast

  • Caustic soda - $/t (dry) FOB US Gulf Coast export

  • Caustic soda - $/t (dry) FOB NE Asia

  • Hydrochloric acid - $/st FOB

  • Ammonia - $/t CFR Tampa monthly

  • Sulphur - $/It DEL Tampa quarterly

  • Sulphuric acid - $/t CFR import spot

  • Caustic soda freight rates - $/t wet

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